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Heidelberg Spectralis OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

Spectralis OCT


We have recently added Spectralis OCT imaging to our lineup of in-office diagnostic technology. The Spectralis OCT allows us to obtain microscopic pictures of the retina to aid in detection and treatment of glaucoma, as well as diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration.


OCT is a new diagnostic tool that provides images of the back of the eye of unprecedented quality. This information is particularly helpful for diagnosing and monitoring many cases of retinal disease, as well as glaucoma. OCT uses a principle similar to ultrasound, yet, instead of sound waves, uses LASER light.  OCT is 10 times more sensitive than ultrasound, with the ability to display objects as small as one thousandth of a millimeter. 




The Spectralis is the newest generation of OCT LASERS and gives Dr. Janot the most detailed images of retinal pathology available in a manner that is comfortable for the patient, quick and non invasive.


Actual OCT image from Dr. Janot's Vision Source

Shown here are actual images from Dr. Janot's Spectralis OCT, demonstrating the incredible detail of the retinal structures.  Adding the OCT is just another step in our continuing effort to provide the latest technology to care for our patients, and allows us to monitor even the earliest stages of eye disease.  We are pleased to be the very first to bring this technology to SW Louisiana, recognizing that the Spectralis is the "gold standard" even used in research on the International Space Station.