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It is estimated that 23 million Americans chronically suffer from inflammation of the eyelids, known as blepharitis, and another 13 million struggle with the debilitating condition of meibomian gland dysfunction (“MGD”).

Introducing Avenova*.

For Daily Lid and Lash Hygiene.


*previously named NovaBay i-Lid™ Cleanser

Avenova, a new dimension in lid and lash hygiene, is specifically designed for patients with blepharitis, MGD, and chronic dry eye. Avenova functions by clearing debris and microorganisms from eyelids and eyelashes, as well as reducing inflammation.  Click here to learn more!


Fresh Day® Family of Contact Lenses

Nearsighted or farsighted. Astigmatism or presbyopia. Get the healthy advantages of a silicone hydrogel, daily disposable contact lens.  Whiter, Brighter Eyes and a Healthier Lens-Wearing Experience.



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DAILIES TOTAL1® Water Gradient Contact Lenses

Introducing the world’s first and only water gradient contact lens.

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