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Andrea Bacarisse, Lake Charles, Louisiana

If you want a caring, courteous, and up-to-date optometrist, Dr. Janot and his staff are the ones for you and your family! Each appointment they pay attention to detail and are concerned about your eye health. You know you are in the best hands.






Cheree Ray Burnette

Cheree Ray Burnette, Lake Charles, Louisiana

I want to publicly thank Dr. Janot, Becky and all the girls at Vision Source for their care and guidance in treating a Retinal Vein Occlusion. This was a very scary experience. I knew that he was my first call. I trusted that he would take good care of me, and he and the staff did just that. Since Dr. Janot and the staff had been using their optical scanner to take images of my eye for years, it was a quick, painless, and easy diagnosis. He was able to compare the images from my last routine exam to the current one. It was easy for him to show me the difference in the two images. Dr. Janot knew exactly where to send me, and helped get me in very quickly. Through Dr. Janot's working with other medical professionals, I am on the mend. Working well with other doctors is an attribute that not all medical professionals can claim, and is a credit to Dr. Janot's goal of always placing the patient first, and how well respected he is by others. State of the art technology, first class office, highly trained staff, and high touch make Vision Source a place you want to visit. Don't take your eye sight for granted.  See Dr. Janot and the staff often. They want to help you see better!



Charlie Guidry, Sulphur, Louisiana

Dr. Janot has been my optometrist for over 25 years. He has always been very personable as well as professional. He truly cares about his patients and their families. His staff is always courteous and efficient. The new Vision Source office is very inviting and conveniently located. 






Erica Dunlap, Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Janot is the most friendly and cutting edge Optometrist in the Lake Charles area.  He has the best technology to diagnose eye disease, the friendliest staff - like family, and the best demeanor of any client Optometrist I have worked with over my 10 years in the business.  He really cares about his patients and his staff.  I encourage anyone in the Lake Charles area to reach out to Dr. Janot and his staff for an eye exam today.  They will take good care of your eyes!




Monelle Rougeau, Baytown, Texas                      

I have worn corrective lenses since 3rd grade.  I am from Eunice, LA and moved to Lake Charles, LA in 1991 to attend McNeese and needed to find an eye doctor.  I became a patient of Dr. Janot’s shortly after moving to Lake Charles.  I made my first appointment, determined to wear contacts and wear them comfortably.  Dr. Janot went through MANY different types of contacts that were astigmatism friendly.  He never grew impatient through the many, many visits it took to find the right contacts for me.  What impressed me most was the quality of care, the professionalism and the sincere customer service he and his staff provided consistently with each visit!  I have referred many friends and family members to Dr. Janot because of my awesome experience. 


In 1994, I moved to Baytown, TX.  I tried to find an optometrist or ophthalmologist in the Baytown/Houston area.  NONE compared to the service, professionalism and quality Dr. Janot and his staff provided me so I decided my eye health was too important to not use the BEST!  My 94 year old grandmother has macular degeneration and I wanted to be proactive with my eye health.  I made the decision to return to Dr. Janot now in his Sulphur office and he did not disappoint.  Not only does Dr. Janot listen and ask questions about your eye health, he is also very personable and customer service oriented.  He is amazing!  Now, on to the ladies that run the office…  AMAZING!  They are great when trying to pick out the right frame.  The selection is outstanding, which makes it hard to choose, but they provide great suggestions and feedback.


Since I live 2 hours away, Dr. Janot and staff always accommodate me with an appointment that works for me.  I feel like Dr. Janot is more than an eye doctor to me, I totally trust him and his staff with my eye health!




Tim Small, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania 

I have had the privilege of working with Dr Janot and his practice in making our Omega-3 products available to his patients. Dr Janot is a delight to work with and always available to discuss the latest clinical updates. It is a pleasure to work with Dr Janot in helping his patients improve upon their ocular health!






Doug Burnette, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Dr. Janot did an excellent job diagnosing a potentially serious eye condition in my wife. His prompt referral of my wife to a specialist has led to a significant improvement in her condition. I credit his thoroughness and skill as key factors in the positive outcome and his compassion and concern as icing on the cake.






Carrie Cuchens, Lafayette, Louisiana

I have worn glasses since I was 11 years old (I am now 40ish). In the past year I had experienced eye hemorrhages within a 6 month period. I experienced no physical symptoms other than the appearance of deep red "blood shot" eyes that would dissipate with time. After experiencing another "bleed" this past month I decided to make the trip from Lafayette to Dr. Janot's office in Sulphur (an hour 1/2 trip).
From the moment I walked in the door Dr. Janot's staff welcomed me as if I were a long time patient and made me feel very at ease and comfortable. Upon entering the testing room it was very obvious that the level of technology that Dr. Janot offers his patients was none like I had ever experienced. With all the preliminary testing complete I was escorted to the exam room and was greeted with the same friendly, neighborly feel by Dr. Janot himself. Upon studying my optical pictures Dr. Janot discovered an anomaly and determined that I have a congenital cataract. After a series of questions regarding my medical history Dr. Janot assured me that this find was not one that needed immediate treatment but would be a condition that "we" would watch and measure over time. Dr. Janot explained very thoroughly the symptoms that I should watch for if my condition should require immediate attention. Dr. Janot's words of assurance and in depth knowledge let me know that he and his staff would be there for me at any time whether it was for a routine exam or a more serious condition.
Many thanks to Dr. Janot and the team at Vision Source. I now see what I've been missing. 

Peggy Pierrottie, Cleveland, Tennessee
Dr. Janot and his staff are the BEST in the eye care business!  I have been seeing Dr. Janot for over 20 years, and because of several out of town moves I was forced into visiting other offices, and NONE of them has compared to Dr.Janot and his staff.  They all make you feel like you are #1 priority, which is very rare these days! Dr. Janot and the staff are not only friendly, and professional but they take the time to really listen to your concerns and what you are striving for in your vision care and eyewear selections.
    After 20 yrs of eye care Dr. Janot does not have a file on me, he has a "volume."  He has been with me through hard plastic contact lenses, gas permeable, soft, LASIK, and now progressive lenses glasses.  His office is state of the art, and he has top notch tools to help him with all facets of the eye exam, I especially appreciate that he no longer needs to dilate my eyes since the office is equipped with the Optomap Retinal Scan that photographs the back of the eye! 
    Macular degeneration is very prevalent in my family, so Dr. Janot is always very thorough with my exam and examines and discusses the Optomap image with me.  He is always looking out for my eye health, and recommending vitamins and giving me samples of the items he uses himself! 
    The optical shop is great, too!  The selection of eyewear is fantastic, and very fashionable.  I love my new glasses, in fact, I bought two pairs! Don't worry if you need to have a few tweaks to get your new glasses just right, they all want to make YOU happy and seeing great!
    I hope anyone who needs a great eye doctor considers Dr. Janot at Vision Source in Sulphur, LA.  By the way, I no longer live in my home town of Lake Charles, but currently live in Tennessee......that is a 10 hour drive!  Dr. Janot IS my eye care professional!