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Dr. Janot is pleased to recommend only the purest Omega 3 supplements from Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals, now in specially designed eye formulas:  Dry Eye Omega Benefits and Eye Omega Advantage (for macular degeneration).  Dr. Janot is such a firm believer in the benefits of proper Omega 3 supplementation for the eyes, that, in addition to recommending these to his patients, he and his family also take these daily!


Dr. Janot w/ PRN Omegas


Here's why these supplements are far superior than store bought Omega 3s:


  • Natural Triglyceride Form for Maximum Absorption
  • Highly Purified and Concentrated
  • Molecularly distilled in a Pharmaceutically Licensed Facility
  • Independent Laboratory Tested for Quality and Purity



Dry Eye Omega Benefits®PRN Dry Eye Omega Benefits

Natural relief for dry eyes

  • Supports proper tear function

For those suffering with dry, scratchy, red, irritated eyes, reducing inflammation is the key to relief. Dry Eye Omega Benefits® is custom formulated with a high concentration of the anti-inflammatory Omega-3, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in its natural TG form, combined with Vitamin D3 for additional comprehensive health benefits. This product offers an effective, safe, and natural way to address dry eye symptoms systemically rather than topically.  



Eye Omega Advantage®PRN Eye Omega Advantage

  • Protect your eyes and support your vision
  • Contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Carotenoids—lutein and zeaxanthin—help protect the macular region of the eye from harmful forms of light that can cause photoxidative damage to the eyes, which could result in macular degeneration. Eye Omega Advantage® is custom formulated with a synergistic blend of these critical eye nutrients with the highly beneficial anti-inflammatory Omega-3 essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, as well as Vitamin D3 for additional comprehensive health benefits. The combination of these nutrients helps in the transportation to and absorption of the lutein and zeaxanthin by the macula, establishing a healthy ocular surface, supporting healthy vision and optimal eye health.



PRN's latest supplement for eye health is a Macular Vitamin, designed specifically to work in conjunction with the Eye Omega Advantage supplement (described above) for that at most risk or who have been diagnosed with age related macular degeneration.  Here is more info:


Macular Vitamin BenefitPRN Macular Vitamin Benefits AREDS 2 formula

  • Supports macular health
  • Preserves eye sight of clinical populations at risk


Macular Vitamin Benefits is formulated based on the results of the AREDS2® study in patients suffering with Advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration. This comprehensive nutriceutical product uniquely offers four significant enhancements for improved macular health: (1) addition of lutein & zeaxanthin to aid in providing macular protection,  (2) full B-complex (B6, B9, B12) for neuroprotective effect, (3) natural form of Vitamin E, and (4) 25 mg of zinc as  recommended in the AREDS2® study. Additionally, Macular Vitamin Benefits does not contain beta-carotene or  Vitamin A as these substances have been linked in clinical studies to an increased risk of lung cancer in smokers.



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