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Dry Eye Syndrome is one of the most common conditions we see in our practice and Dr. Janot has some wonderful treatments available to help.  Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when the normal flow of tears over the eyes is interrupted, or the tear film is abnormal.  Symptoms include dry, red, scratchy, burning eyes, and, in many cases, even reflex tearing.  There are a multitude of causes, including aging, hormonal changes (especially around menopause), dry environments, and medications (especially birth control meds, blood pressure meds, fluid pills, allergy meds, and bladder medications).  


Many different treatment options are available including oral medications, prescription eye drops, tear duct insert plugs, natural eyelid cleansers, and highly refined Omega 3 supplements. Patients often seek eye drops from store shelves, which only provide temporary relief and can actually make the problem worse!  For example, redness relieving drops simply “mask” the signs of dry eye, but deplete the eye of the essential nutrients and moisture needed to stay healthy and white.


Most of the time, dry eye syndrome is a life long problem, but Dr. Janot offers some unique approaches, most of which are not available in stores, which he has found particularly effective in his patients. 


Dry, Red, Irritated Eyes?

Dr. Janot has the 1-2-3 punch to help!

  • Physicians Recommended Nutriceuticals Highly Refined TG Omega 3 formulas
  • Oasis Tears, available in Preservative Free & multidose bottles
  • Cliradex, the all natural way to treat & pamper the eyelids and skin

These products are not available in stores.  Click here for more information about these exciting treatment options!