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Are eyeglass & contact lens prescriptions the same?

NO!  Contact lenses are medical devices, and, because they must allow for optimum tear exchange and corneal health, improperly fit contact lenses can cause serious eye complications.  Federal law requires a complete and unexpired contact lens prescriptions be presented, which must include the following parameters, some of which are not required on eyeglass prescriptions:

  • Brand & Name of Contact Lenses, including manufacturer
  • Base Curve of the Contact Lenses (your doctor will determine this from special corneal measurements taken during your examination &/or evaluating contact lens with a biomicroscope or slit lamp exam).
  • Dioptric power of the contact lenses, including cylinder and axis for astigmatism (if applicable)
  • Diameter of the Contact Lenses
  • Doctor’s name, address, telephone number
  • Date of Examination for Contact Lenses
  • Expiration Date of Contact Lens Prescription (typically will be the time your doctor needs to re-exam you for the health of your eyes after contact lens wear).

The contact lens prescription MAY also include the following optional items:

  • Approved wearing schedule
  • Approved solution regimen
  • Approved discard cycle
  • Contact Lens Color or Tint
  • Number of Refills prior to next examination